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In response to COVID-19; until further notice we are no longer having in office meetings with our clients. For those that haven't tried it yet, our Secure Portal has received positive feedback and works well sharing documents between yourself and JPS. Any information you would like to drop off at our office will be done through appointment only. We look forward to the dust settling and being able to meet up again and chat but until then we will do our part. We much appreciate your understanding. Stay Safe!

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Personal Financial Planning

Creating Financial Clarity and Stability !

Whether it be for personal or for business, financial planning can be the difference between meeting goals and disappearing dreams.

Personal Financial Planning - At JPS we don't take on the task of choosing funds, or stocks to be included in your portfolio, we leave that to the Planners and the brokers.  We have however found a bit of niche in helping US citizens living in Canada sort out what types of investments or accounts they can be involved in based on the type of reporting and tax costs that are involved.  We quite often work with our clients brokers and / or planner to help ensure that the intended benefits of their plans are not overshadowed by unforseen reporting or tax consequences.   A little tax planning can go a long way !

 Business Financial Planning - There aren't too many businesses out there that would even entertain the idea of working without a plan.  Call it budgeting, call it forecasting, thinking while doodling on a piece of paper -  its all a part of planning. And planning is essential to your businesses success.  At JPS we are happy to be working with your business and helping to plan for your success.

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